Product knowledge

Modular Polyurethane Panel

Modular polyurethane insulated panel for cold storages are made of modular fabrication with polyurethane insulation with different dimensions, which make it flexible for construction different sizes of an ideal cold storage room. The modular design allows for easy assembly and disassembly. All panels are injected with 100% polyurethane with an average density of 40KG/M3 firmly glued to the metal, which has a variety of finishes available to meet the customers specific requirement.

  Thermal Conductivity at 0℃   0.018 K/Cal
  Average Density   40~50 kg/m3
  Resistence to Compression   1.6 kg/cm2

Panels Dimension

Polyurethane sandwiched panels are of 100% Polyurethane insulation, which is constructed by being foamed in place with retarted Polyurethane using high pressure. They have certain dimensions. Standard widths of panels are a multiple of 295.3mm. The maximum lengths of panels are 4M. Non-standard sizes are also available upon request with price varying.

Panels Thicknes

Panel THK.(mm) Operating Temp.
50 5 ℃ (Or above)
75 - 5 ℃ (Or above)
100 - 25 ℃ (Or above)
150 - 45 ℃ (Or above)

Installation of panels:

Every panels consists of tongue and groove construction and can be tightened by a number of exocentric fasteners, which may be unscrewed easily with a hexagonal key.


Choice of metal finish

A、Stucco Embossed Aluminium
B、Stainless Steel
C、Painted Galvanized Mild Steel
D、Standard floor panels:
   1.5mm galvaized mild steel