Polyurethane panel
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Polyurethane panel
Polyurethane panels are of 100% Polyurethane insulation, they have certain dimension,standard width is 1183mm,the maximum length is 12 meter. Non-standard size is also available All panels Have fire prevention function

Polyurethane panels

1. The coldroom panel is durable in use, color lasting & coated layer keeping. 
2. It is made with Bayer polyurethane material by high pressure foaming. The cold room panel 

density is up to 40kg/m3 or above. 
3. The internal cold room floor panel of our cold room is made by 1.0mm galvanized steel

and durable for anti-scratch. 
4. The hinged door panel of our coldroom is made by heavy duty door hinge, heavy duty door lock and hydraulic door closer. 
5. The connection of our cold room panels are made with PE sealing rubber which is with high 

quality sealing. 
6. The connection of our cold room is with cam lock construction and excentric fasterners for 

tight connection and sealing of the cold room.


Length (m) *Width (m)*Height (m) According to client's requirement .


polyurethane insulation panel,43kg/m3, fire retardant

Foaming material


Panel thickness


Steel cover

stuccom embossed aluminum,painted galvanized steel,stainless steel,PVC stell

Panel connection

Inserted panel type, use insert to assemble and disassemble

Type of door

hinge door, convex door, sliding door

Temp.of room

-45~+20 degree, optional

Purpose of cold room

fruit,vegetable,flower,fresh/frozen meat etc

Refrigeration unit

Copeland / Bitzer / Sanyo etc

Refrigeration type

air cooled / water cooled


all necessary fittings are included, optional

Place to assemble

indoor/out door(concrete construction building/steel construction building)


220V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 380V/50HZ optional

panel Testing Specification

No. Inspection Item Unit Technology requirement Inspection result
1 Density kg/m3 32~50 43
2 Compressing strength(10%deformation) Kpa ≥ 160 200
3 Bending Stregth Kpa ≥ 245 331
4 Absording rate % ≤ 4 3
5 Heating coefficient


0.024 0.021
6 Average burning time(vertical) S ≤ 30 3
7 Average burning height(vertical) s ≤ 250 250
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