Ice storage bin(DC-420)
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Ice storage bin(DC-420)
Ice storage bin: The storages can be made with double-wall insulation which allows a proper air-circulation around the ice even when the ice storage is completely full. Of course each ice storage is equipped with an air-cooling unit keeping the storage temperature at around - 5 degrees or -12 degrees as requested.
Ice storage bin
Refrigeration: Fan Cooling System or Cold Wall System is optional
Door: Solid door or Glass door is optional. 
1. Material: Painted galvanized steel foamed in polyurethane insultation. S/S is optional.

2. Temperature: -5 C or -12 degrees as requested, it can be changed as customer requirement.

3. Door: with heavy duty hinge,Solid door or glass door is optional

4. Fan cooling system with Automatic defrost , cold wall refrigeration system is optional.  

5. Heavy duty caster wheel to make the  freezer easily to move, bullet feet is optional

6. Voltage and frequency can be changed as customer’s requirement.

Model: DC-420
Temperature range: -5 or -15 degrees
Capacity 420L
Bag (8 Lbs): 135 pcs
Material: Galvanized Paint Steel
Dimension (W*D*H) Inch 48 x 30 x 78
Dimension (W*D*H) MM 1220 x 750 x 1950
Door type: Embossed aluminum
Door size (W*H) mm 66 x 112
Power (W): 350
Refrigerant: R134a
Cooling system: Fan cooling
Compressor: 1/3 HP
Compressor brand name: Aspera
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